Aditya Pratama
3 min readJun 29, 2021


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Have you ever lose someone you love? maybe parents, friend, partner or even your pet that have been accompanying you through everything to a certain point of life and suddenly they’re just gone? I understand the feeling where you feel like there’s a gaping hole somewhere inside us that was supposed to be filled with our loved one.

we were never in control when it comes to this kind of things, and in every loss there is a moment of denial when suddenly everything seems unfair, when every morning is colored with sadness and every night is darkened by grief, and an intense feeling of yearning to be with our loved ones floods our mind every time.

There are good and bad news about this.

The bad news is we’ll never truly heal from this, we just have to accept it. Imagine it this way, when we broke our leg that somewhat heals but leaves you with a limp and it still hurts when the weather gets cold, eventually it is our choice to start moving with the limp.

the good news is one day we’ll learn to live around the huge gaping hole of our loved ones’ absence. whether we like it or not we’ll grow into it and change us as a person. maybe it’ll strengthen our relation with our relatives, be more sensitive about everything, or just value life more and start living to our highest potential in remembrance of our loved ones.

Give yourself a break

Always remember to give yourself a moment to mourn, it is always okay to express it. cry, scream, or just give yourself a moment of silence to adjust your mind and body to the new reality that someone we loved dearly have gone. feel the sadness that comes with every bit of memory inside our head, there are no easy ways to accept loss. never hide or repress the feelings it’ll mess us up internally and eventually makes us numb to everything and in some worst case our mind just refuse to accept our new reality and leads us to depression. in this case I’ll strongly suggest you to find help whether its your friend, family or someone that makes you realize you’re not going through your grief alone.

Please, take care of yourself.

I wrote this to article help myself cope with the fact that I recently lose my years long partner due to her illness, and i hope it helps you too.

a silhouette of us

lastly, may your sky be clear, may your smile be bright and may you forever blessed with that warm feeling of bliss and happiness our loved ones provided. aren’t such memories were too precious to be forgotten in one’s life?